Brücken bauen - Building bridges.

About me

Who am I?

My name is Ramona Rebhan-Schrader.
I am a state certified translator and interpreter as well as a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language in Baden-Wuerttemberg, sworn by Ellwangen/Jagst Regional Court (Landgericht Ellwangen/Jagst).
Since my graduation from Würzburger Dolmetscherschule (Wuerzburg Interpreters' School), private professional academy for foreign language professions, in 2014, I have been working as a freelance translator.

Here's why I am the perfect choice for your job:

  • You will work directly with me, the translator, without a translation agency as an intermediary. You will have direct contact to me, thus questions and queries can be solved much quicker and the price for the translation equals the actual translation workload, there are no additional costs as this is the case when working with translation agencies (because then, the translator and the agency want to make a profit). 
  • I completed three-year, very practice-oriented studies at a private professional academy for foreign language professions and, therefore, I am trained for the profession in the best possible way.
  • Thanks to my 7 years' professional experience, I have a comprehensive wealth of experience that I can make use of.
  • I am flexible and reliable and I also accept express inquiries.
  • I do not use a minimum rate for translations; no order is too small for me.
  • I guarantee to deliver your translation on time and reliably, delays are an absolute no-go for me.
  • Translating is  not just a profession for me, but a vocation. This is why I will provide you with translations of the highest quality.
  • A translation is only a good one, if you do not recognise that it is a translation. I prepare my translations in accordance with this motto and I won't be satisfied, unless they comply with this aspiration.

Your contact person

Ramona Rebhan-Schrader
State certified translator and interpreter
Publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language for Baden-Wuerttemberg